Larry Fine is a Manhattan attorney and has worked for both large and small law firms. Currently, he works for a multinational insurance company defending claims against lawyers, accountants and consultants.

He is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and received his Juris Doctor at Rutgers School of Law. However, he is very much aware of the negative view of lawyers by much of the public and admits to his own love-hate relationship with his profession.

Larry has been writing short stories and comedy skits since he was seven when his parents bought him a typewriter, partly because his handwriting was so bad. He wrote his first novel—a science fiction comedy—in 1976.

In addition to writing Murdering Lawyers, which occupied many years of nights and long plane rides, he divides his writing between professional journals and fiction. His work has appeared in publications as diverse as The Securities Litigation Report, Practising Law Institute Pension Plan Investments, Rutgers Law Review and Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact.

And what is quite unusual for an author, Larry has collaborated with Stratdgi Corp. on an arcade style 2D shooter mobile game app based on Murdering Lawyers, where players murder their way through a corrupt legal system. 

Larry lives near New York City with his wife and two daughters and is hard at work on a new lawyer novel. After that he plans on writing a young adult novel with his daughters.


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