Murdering Lawyers

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Published by: Grey Swan Press
Release Date: July 14, 2014
Pages: 366
ISBN13: 978-0983490098


Chosen by Suspense Magazine as a Best Book of 2014!

New York City is run by an ancient secret society. Members of this elite organization have two things in common: one of them is the law and the other is even more diabolical.

Marc Wilson is a jobless young attorney, once idealistic but now willing to bend a few rules to help his career. He regards himself as a half-Jewish atheist who is not averse to embracing new beliefs in order to advance a career based on deception. Unbelievably, he becomes a litigator at a prestigious international law firm, finds himself living in a luxury apartment, and enters into a romantic relationship with the boss’s daughter—but not without paying a heavy price.

What appears to the world as a laudable system of beliefs is, in reality, the opposite to members of an inner circle of egomaniacal schemers. Marc is caught up in a deadly conspiracy from which there may be no escape.

As he uncovers the mystical secrets which bind New York City’s powerful to each other, he becomes a pawn in a deadly struggle with far-reaching toxic consequences. As his journey takes him from Queens to Manhattan to Nuremberg, Germany, Marc is forced to face who he really is and what he is capable of doing.


MURDERING LAWYERS has been selected by SUSPENSE MAGAZINE as one of its Best Books of 2014!

"Smart, innovative, menacing and thrilling. What more could you want from a thriller?"
Steve Berry

"The unexpected twists and turns in this story will have you on the edge of your seat. As a book fan, it's always exciting when an author surprises me, and this one did it in spades."
Scott Brick

"A smoothly written mystery/suspense novel by a master storyteller"
Midwest Book Review; read the review

" spellbinding that I just had to stay up and finish reading it to make sure that the main character made it through the night."
Mary's Cup of Tea; read the review

Made the Tri-City Herald's list of "Good Books to Read This Summer": read

Featured and part of contest on BookTrib website: read

"Larry Fine's Murdering Lawyers is a fast and frenetic take on Shakespeare's we'll-known quote, 'The first thing that we do, let's kill all the lawyers.' And Fine really means it, opening the book with a scene of sex and violence to do the first one in.  From there, readers are taken into secret societies and the legal profession in a new and creative way. Those not opposed to a sometimes violent and often dark thriller will be drawn to this book."
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Gerald Thornton, Esq., felt more alive than he had in weeks. His heart beat rapidly and his palm sweated as he signed the Bronx motel register. As always, he signed the name of an old law school classmate who was a partner at a competitive firm. That really amused him.

The young girl hung back a little, as if embarrassed. Thornton doubted that. She was hardly a sacrificial virgin. He had noticed the little strawberry blond when cruising the strip. A couple of times Thornton had just missed his opportunity,
watching the kid drive off in another car. Today he had had her in mind when he first set out.

She was barely five feet, with a slight overbite that accentuated her youth. She popped her gum and blew bubbles incessantly. She could be anywhere from twelve to twenty, but Thornton, in his late fifties, didn’t care about the truth.

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