Scott Brick Supports New Writers (Like Me!)

I have previously written about my admiration for Scott Brick, the world’s greatest and most awarded audiobook narrator.  And my appreciation that he found the time to create a fantastic audiobook out of my novel, MURDERING LAWYERS.

Recently Scott posted a blog on his website, the first in a series, in which he highlighted new authors.  To my delight and glee, MURDERING LAWYERS was prominently featured in that blog posting.  After writing that the book was “not your parents’ legal thriller”, Scott went on to call MURDERING LAWYERS “witty, clever, and definitely NSFW” with “plenty of surprises inside its pages.” So naturally I am grinning idiotically as I insert a link to the post here.

And by the way, the other authors and books mentioned in the same blog post sound exciting as well: Richard Shapiro’s sales strategy book THE ENDANGERED CUSTOMER and Michael Grumley’s science fiction-oriented adventure series which starts with the best-selling book BREAKTHROUGH.  I’m in great company here.

In any case, as one reviewer on wrote: “Scott Brick makes every story better.”  And as another volunteered: “He could read me the dictionary and I would be captivated.”


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