(Scott) Brick Kills At Murdering Lawyers!

Lots of people can read (even in 2017!).  Fewer can read smoothly aloud (think back to the last time you participated in “responsive reading” in church or temple).  But in my humble opinion, only one person can flawlessly perform every nuance of a multi-hundred page book, creating an appropriate sense of underlying menace while still hitting all of the laugh lines.  Let me introduce that man to you (if you’re not already one of his millions of fans):  multi-award winning audiobook narrator SCOTT BRICK!

Some time ago, when I first decided to make an audiobook version of MURDERING LAWYERS, I realized that I couldn’t imagine working with anyone other than Scott Brick.  Besides the fact that he had worked with most of the authors that I enjoy and with whom I have been lucky enough to be compared (Grisham, Baldacci, DeMille, Meltzer, Berry, Coben, etc.), he just happens to be that good.  As an added bonus, his range extends beyond bestselling thrillers to classic science fiction (Asimov, Herbert, Heinlein and more) as well as the finest in non-fiction (In Cold Blood, Alexander Hamilton and Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us).

Even after waiting in a queue behind dozens of bestsellers, I had to wait a little more when Scott was called upon to record the latest posthumous Tom Clancy novel on a rush basis.  But it was SO worth it! (the audiobook of MURDERING LAWYERS is now available on Amazon and Audible!)

Although I hadn’t originally planned to, I wound up listening to my entire book (11 and 1/2 fun-filled hours).  It was so fun hearing Scott read it; it felt like a new book by someone else and the performance kept my interest throughout. I got fresh chills when Dan and Larry cornered the trick-or-treating Ninja Turtle and his mother, my pulse raced when Marc was on the run in the federal courthouse (“how will he get out of this one?” I wondered, having forgotten some of the details), and I laughed out loud at the way Marc asked his mother to take that gun. Scott also performed dialogue by men and women of all different races and national origins, creating each as a distinct authentic character while never going over the top.

Those of you who listen to audiobooks regularly will no doubt be familiar with the national treasure of Scott Brick’s voice.  For any of you who think audiobooks can be monotonous and/or sleep-inducing, you have to start listening to books which have been narrated by Scott.

But don’t just take my word for it.  Information about Scott’s many bestsellers and links to some of his press and awards can be found on the www.scottbrick.net website here.  Start listening today!



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