Amazon Thinks I Might Want to Read Murdering Lawyers by Larry Fine…

Was it an oversight?  Or a cruel joke?

This morning I received an email from Amazon which recommended various “mystery, thriller and suspense” books to me.  I was understandably excited to see that the first book on the list was a quaint little book called Murdering Lawyers by a fresh-faced young writer named Larry Fine.  How many millions of other thriller lovers had received this email??  New York Times Bestsellers list, here I come!

After the initial irrational euphoria, I grew skeptical and did a little internet research.  Turned out that I was far from the first author to be propositioned about my own book.  Why did they do it?  Talk about preaching to the choir!

If anyone reading this blog also received the email, please tell me; I would be excited to hear it.  In the meantime, it looks like I’ll have to continue to rely on small-scale word-of-mouth from humans.  Thanks!




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