“Murdering Lawyers May Slow Down Your iPhone!”

“‘Murdering Lawyers’ May Slow Down Your iPhone” was the message that a friend received recently when trying to download my “MURDERING LAWYERS” mobile app game from the Apple App Store.  That’s not something that anyone wants to hear, for at least 2 reasons: 1. speed can be of the essence when one is trying to murder lawyers; and 2. a warning that downloading your game may screw up iPhones can dampen people’s enthusiasm for your game.

As a result, I reached out to the original developer of my mobile app.  He had left the business but put me in touch with a friend who has assured me that he can fix the problems.  Evidently the march of technology makes it impossible to “set it and forget it” where mobile app games are concerned.  As Apple and Google put out new version after new version of their operating systems, one has to run in place as fast as one can to keep up and operating.

So fear not.  We hope to have the game updated soon, so that you’ll be able to resume “Murdering Lawyers” without missing a beat.  Yes, “Murdering Lawyers” can still fit into your active lifestyle and won’t slow you or your iPhone down.

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